Web Design (WordPress)

Glasgow's Golden Generation

In 2018, I was tasked to develop a new WordPress-based website for the charity.

The brief for this project included a special emphasis on accessibility, creating a professional design, as well delivering a product which the charity would be able to maintain themselves, without my immediate assistance.






Glasgow's Golden Generation

Webdesign, UI/UX Design

GGG Homepage


High quality images and a colourful design communicate both the welcoming and highly professional nature of the charity.

Contact cards on relevant pages include linked telephone numbers and email addresses. This feature seamlessly connects visitors to a dedicated member of staff, should they require more information about a certain topic. 

This second type of contact card provides methods of contact to the different localities of the charity in Glasgow. 

GGG Map Cards


The page follows W3 Consortium Guidelines for accessibility.

All pages include an accessibility toggle, enabling users to control contrast and font size (click through tabs on the right to compare).

Colour choices were adjusted to have a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1.

GGG Accessibility Default

GGG Accessibility Contrast Increased

GUM Devices


The website is fully responsive and allows for comfortable reading on all devices.

Multiple paths of navigation, as well as convenient links to relevant topics allow for users to find any information they may be searching for quickly.

The overall design is clean and professional. The branding is consistent throughout.