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Greenlight Night

Time for Love is a short film written and directed by filmmaker and poet Sean Lìonadh; it explores homophobia and the concept of normalcy in modern society.

I worked on this project as Animator, as well as 3rd Assistant Director. 






Young Filmmakers Glasgow

Animation / Branding

Grenlight Night Poster


The video went viral on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter

On facebook alone, it has accumulated over 11 million views and has been shared over 140 thousand times

The short film won The John Byrne Award in April 2018, and has been nominated for various other awards

Greenlight Night Flicker Gif


The film is a visualisation of a poem, making the words spoken an integral part of the piece.

Additionally, since the film was to be shown primarily on Facebook, subtitling was essential. 

As sole animator on the team, it was my task to not only create said subtitles, but also animate other graphic elements at points.  

The approach we chose for the subtitles is characterised by variations in typeface, as well as placement, and size — creating an equality of authority between visuals and sound.